about_usTed and Dan’s remarkable journey to the present can be best described as a classic immigrant story. At the age of 17 and just months away from graduating high school, these twin brothers who were born into poverty and social instability, answered their calling to migrate to America. Leaving behind their family and friends, they arrived in the United States with only one suitcase each. Their hearts were filled with much passion and hunger to succeed, thus fulfilling the “American Dream”. Through years of many trials and tribulations in different endeavors, life brought them to the doorsteps of AGC.  After purchasing this small Turnkey Company from a friend, they committed to put their hearts and souls, as well as all their business skills, into this declining but promising company.  Through years of hard work, commitment, and the love of service, they turned AGC into one of the most prominent and well respected Turnkey companies in Atlanta.

Ted and Dan are both happily married with children.  They feel rich in their hearts and blessed with the success of which they once dreamed.  They have found that serving the community and their customers have been the bedrock of their success story and continue to apply that to their business to this day.